Hungarian Social Forum SR over the beatification of John Paul II

In a Press Release published on Saturday the Hungarian Social Forum-Social Roundtable has told that with John Paul II will be beatified a Pope who has indicated the Humanity future in a „Democratic Society imbued with Social Justice”. It is symbolic, that the beatification of Karol Wojtyla happens on the Workers feast. In fact he has emphesized the priority of the Job over the Capital, considering the last a tool for the dign existence. The Wage must be sufficient to assure the life of the Worker and his Family, and also to grant them economy. The voice of the Pope died six years ago has been cried in the wilderness in many countries of Central and Eastern Europe, so in Hungary, where the livelihood is an every day problem of 6 millions on ten, and the Right to Job has been omitted from the text of the new Constitution – communique is writing. HSF SR cites some ideas of John Paul II from Centesimus Annus, ragarding the State Responsilbility to the working majority of the Societies, the Social Needs which cannot be subordonned to the market logic, the exploitation, and the social limits of the private ownership. Finally it tells: HSF SR remains respectfully to the memory of this man, who has preached after the collapse of real socialism, that neither capitalism would resolve the problems of Human kind, and that „The way of the Church is the way of the Man”.+++

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30th April 2011


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