Unusually in Summer time, in Hungary anti-government demonstrations are taking place, because the social cuts and the restriction of Human Rights, with the demand of a new social oriented policy.

Supported by five of the six Trade Union Confederations and civic organizations, among them the Hungarian Social Forum, on June 16 soldiers, policemen, firefighters, customs officers and law enforcement have demonstrated for the preservation of their acquired social rights for early retirement and wage rise to compensate for years of frozen wages and preserving the pensions of retired officers. It was the third time they have occupied the centres of the capital and the second biggest city, Miskolc. On Saturday Budapest Gay Pride demonstrators have protested against the new hungarian fundamental law denying the right to marriage of homosexuals, lesbians and trans, just recognising the marriage between man and woman. By a clear message of critics of the discriminatory constitutional law of the centre right majority the Embassies of 19 countries in Budapest, United States, Canada, Great-Britain, Australia, Netherlands, Finland, Danemark, Spain, Portugal, Slovenia, Germany, Norway, Croatia, Czech Republic, Ireland, Belgium, Luxemburg, Switzerland, Sweden in a joint communique have assured their support and solidarity with the Gay Pride demand for equal rights. On June 29 a nationwide lockout is planned by the Trade Unions aganist the mesures of austerity, the suppression by the government of the National Interest Conciliation Council, the reform of the job code, the economical policy of the government and the weakening of democratic checks and balances with the new Charter of Constitution. The Hungarian Social Forum – Social Roundtable has assured his solidarity and active support with the fight for sure livelihood, the preservation of wages purchasing power, for job and social rights. A special emphasys was given to the Freedom Right of Opinion, violated by the recently approved Law on the Press and the use of the Internet. They have condemned the anti-social mesures of austerity of the government and have invited the Viktor Orban ruling coalition to respect the social promises given to the Society before the last year elections. HSF SR calls the attention to the increasing lost of trust in centre-right and parallely with it an increased tendency to a new Social Alternative by the way of a large joining of democratic forces of centre and left. „The working and creating majority of our Society is interested in the implementation of the Social Rights in Democracy and Freedom” – is written in the declaration edited on 15th June by the Organizers of HSF SR.+++


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