Hungarian Community for Peace on the Carla del Ponte's case

Carla del Ponte, an international expert on war crimes, has dismissed from the post of the UN Syrian committee of inquiry, she same announced in an interview with Blick of Switzerland on Sunday. The 70-year-old woman justified her decision to be frustrated because she could not be held accountable for those who "committed in Syria the greatest war crimes in human history and have violated human rights."

Carla del Ponte wanted above all to be held accountable the President of Syria, Assad – observers believe – but she hit the wall also amidst her own entrusting friends. When she was appointed, the United States seemed to be able to remove Assad from the power, like did with Saddam Hussein, Kadhafi and Mubarak. It seemed to be a question of time when Assad would be brought before the International Court of Justice in The Hague, If Assad will ever survive his overthrow. Carla del Ponte has been charged with the task of the prosecution of Assad, if necessary. Her dismissal is a sign that America has been forced back from Syria. Neither does this indicate more than the recognition of Carla del Ponte that he shared the Syrians in good and bad: The good guys being the opposition of Assad, and the bad ones being Assad's supporters. But it turned out that Washington was trying to overthrow Assad's power with the help of the Islamic State and the An-Nusra terrorist organizations. As Assad could no longer be held the only responsible for war crimes, even though the United States had partially abandoned Syrian terrorism, Carla del Ponte had dropped and abandoned. She did not expect the world to be more complex than she thought, and less and less bear the people living in the misconception to tell countries and peoples what is good for them and how they should live, judged over it – commented the Hungarian Community for Peace on Monday. According to the civil organization, the resignation of Carla del Ponte also indicates that humanity has entered a historical era in which the classic black and white, angels and devils scheme can no longer be applied. The unilateral concept of law considering to be guilty whom opposed the export of the "democratic legal order", and in the spirit of "democracy and freedom" could justify the sin of those who intervened in the internal affairs of others, breaking wars against countries and peoples (Iraq), organizing putsches (Libya, Egypt, Ukraine), physically liquidating disliked leaders (Saddam, Gaddafi) has become untenable. A new international law based on the equality of peoples is needed, a law not considering crime the fight for Freedom and Self-determination of the Peoples, but able to examine in its complexity the massive loss amid the liberation struggle, not confusing war crimes with the legitimate fight against the alien domination – Hungarian Peace Community was writing.


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