Public Investment Strategy urged by the Hungarian Social Forum SR

In Hungary a public investment Strategy in needed for overcome the livelihood crisis by growing the economy and increase the occupation. Only an active grow-policy is able to achieve the planned goal of diminishing the foreign debt – is told in a Press Release of the Organizers of the Hungarian Social Forum-Social Roundtable edited on Sunday in Budapest.

The anti-social austerity mesures, the freezy of the wages, the diminution of the purchasing power are hampering the growth and the occupation, they are favouring the stagnation and do not resolve the internal and external debt problems. The deep social crisis is bringing grist to the mills of the far right – is written in the text. The HSF SR organizers assure of their support the initiative of the European Trade Union Confedereation to extend the payment terms of the countries in debt, give them loans with low interest, with rates not higher than the ones banks refinance themselves at the ECB, to postpone the 3 percent deficit target time horizon to 2016-2017, and to put an immediate end to the privatization diktats to the deficit countries, in order to help them to go out from the crisis by the way of an anti-cyclical economic policy. A New Social Deal is essential to consolidate the Democracy and prevent the further strenghtening of the Far-Right in Europe by assuring dign existence to the workers, and to people in need. The New Deal must be done with the participation of the Trade Unions and the Civic Society expressing and representing workers interests. HSF SR welcomes the decision of ETUC Congress in Athens to contract alliances with civic organisations. The Social Roundtable is offering an excellent opportunityin Hungary for the common acting of trade unions and civilians for the overcoming of the neolioberal union by a European Social Model – communique tells.+++


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22th May 2011-05-21


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